If you would like to get OEM or ODM Service, please see the followings:
No. 1, Name what kind of product from our category: IPL, E-Light System, Laser for Tattoo Removal System, Laser for Hair Removal System, RF System, PDT System, Oxygen SkinCare System, CO2 Laser System, or 1550nm Erbium Glass Fractional Laser System;
No. 2, Select the machine shape from database or provide your design:;
NO. 3, Select the handpiece shape from our database or provide your design;
NO. 4, Specify the color(Pantone No.) of machine and handpiece;
No. 5, Evaluate the specification, like Energy, Power, Duration, Frequency, Wavelength and so on;
NO. 6, Finalize the exclusive agreement with the condition of quantity and cost;
No. 7, Make mold, which usuallly takes one month to three months;
NO. 8, Evaluate the mold, rolex replica watches which usually takes another month in case of any change;
No. 9, Make the prototype in one month;
NO. 10, Evalue the prototype, another month if any change;
NO. 11, Normally ordering if all is confirmed.


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For Skin Rejuvenation
Melasma, Age spots, Blemishes, Birth mark, Fine lines, Wrinkles, Acne prevention, Pigmentation removal...
For Cellulite Reduction
Accumulated fat deposits and cellulite reduction, Body shaping, Skin lifting and firming....
For Skin Tightening and Lifting
Skin tightening and reduce deeper wrinkles, Stimulate the initial collagen cells and increase skin flexibility...
For Tattoo and Hair Removal
Remove pigments and melanin or tattoo on eyebrow, eye line and tattoo on body...
For Skin Recovering and Deep Cleaning
Alleviate oily acne; Anti-aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leave the skin with a healthy glow; Improve pigments such as aging spots or freckles...