Breast Enhancement System


Safe, no pain and easy operation. Five times treatments are required within one treatment, each treatment with 7 days interval. The breast will grow 1 to 3mm, maximally 5mm, after one treatment period.
Digital control keys, users friendly design, easy operation with one button and large LCD display


● Light Source: Original binding soft energy light source (Imported from U.S.A.)
● Operation Interface: Controlled by Microcomputer
● Treatment Tip: Soft energy light breast enhancing tip
● Output Voltage:220V, 50Hz 20A
● Light Energy: 50 J Max
● Repition Rage:0.33 Hz
● Spot Size: 400 mm2
● Cooling Method: Interior loop de-ionized distilled water cycle
● Dimension: 430 mm * 400mm * 1200mm
● Weight: 50 kg


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