Victory 5


1.    User friendly interface with tousch screen.
2.    More powerful energy 400mJ at double pulses.
3.    Aiming beam for easy operation.
4.    Special designed cooling system ensures constantly working.
5.    No injury to normal tissue
6.    Remove pigmentation without side effects or scar;


Screen: Touch Screen
Laser Type: Q-switch Nd: YAG Laser
Energy: 200mJ (Single)/400mI(Turbo)
Wavelength: 1064nm or 532nm
Pulse Duration: ~20ns
Repetition Rate: 1~5Hz
Weight: 18Kg
Dimension: 32cm*32cm*34cm

Screen: Touch Screen Energy Density: 200mJ (Single)/400mI(Turbo) Repetition Rate: 1~5Hz
Wavelength: 1064nm or 532nm Dimension: 32cm*32cm*34cm
Laser Type: Q-switch Nd: YAG Laser Pulse Duration: ~20ns Weight: 18Kg


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