If you would like to get OEM or ODM Service, please see the followings:
No. 1, Name what kind of product from our category: IPL, E-Light System, Laser for Tattoo Removal System, Laser for Hair Removal System, RF System, PDT System, Oxygen SkinCare System, CO2 Laser System, or 1550nm Erbium Glass Fractional Laser System;
No. 2, Select the machine shape from database or provide your design:;
NO. 3, Select the handpiece shape from our database or provide your design;
NO. 4, Specify the color(Pantone No.) of machine and handpiece;
No. 5, Evaluate the specification, like Energy, Power, Duration, Frequency, Wavelength and so on;
NO. 6, Finalize the exclusive agreement with the condition of quantity and cost;
No. 7, Make mold, which usuallly takes one month to three months;
NO. 8, Evaluate the mold, rolex replica watches which usually takes another month in case of any change;
No. 9, Make the prototype in one month;
NO. 10, Evalue the prototype, another month if any change;
NO. 11, Normally ordering if all is confirmed.